ANAHEIM, Ca. (December 19, 2016) – After just two months of using Serious Social Media’s flagship product, InsuranceSocial.Media, participants in a pilot study with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company have experienced dramatic results.

Designed to facilitate the gathering of data on the effectiveness of InsuranceSocial.Media, the pilot study involved a total of 80 agencies and mutuals from across the Midwest.

Participants covered a broad spectrum of social media use and expertise. For instance, some participants had several thousand followers on their social media platforms. Others had a social media presence, but had posted only sporadically before the start of the pilot. And about one-fifth had no social media presence at all.

InsuranceSocial.Media is pleased to announce the success of the pilot, which resulted in an 11% average increase in social media followers.

In addition, 76% of participants said InsuranceSocial.Media solved the problems of “not having time, not having content or not knowing how to do it.” And pilot participants responding to a user survey said customers asked for more information as a result of InsuranceSocial.Media’s posts.

Furthermore, InsuranceSocial.Media also developed its own survey to be administered to users contacting our LiveChat support team. Without exception, every survey respondent gave our customer service the highest ratings. They found their chat experience helpful, and their service representative very knowledgeable.

“Working with this group of Grinnell agents has been a wonderful experience for our whole team, from our customer service reps to our content creators,” said Serious Social Media CEO David Beall.

“It has been a pleasure to see their profiles at work, the exact content they need going out on their social media platforms, and the results they’re achieving.”


Founded by a team of insurance executives, professional writers, and software engineers, InsuranceSocial.Media combines professionally written, regulatory-compliant insurance social media marketing with cutting-edge technology and industry expertise. To learn more about InsuranceSocial.Media, visit InsuranceSocial.Media and blog.InsuranceSocial.Media.