DES MOINES, Ia. (July 7, 2017) – After analysis of six months of user data, InsuranceSocial.Media presents these insurance social media success stories.

With three pilots completed, two in process, and open enrollment facilitated through two additional insurance carriers, InsuranceSocial.Media has collected data on the impact of its social media marketing software for hundreds of users all across the country.

Users range from small mutual insurance companies to small agencies to large brokerages, and range from Southern California through the Midwest to the East Coast.

Data Results

Social media success stories emerging from the results of the data analysis:

* Facebook followers: an average of 24% increase
* Facebook engagement: an average of 13% increase
* Twitter engagement: an average of 18% increase
* Carrier social media: 400% increase in reach

In addition, pilot participants reported an 8% increase in inbound phone calls from prospects and customers–and a 12% increase in sales. These inquiries for more information on various insurance policies resulted directly from content posted by InsuranceSocial.Media.

Furthermore, subscribers on InsuranceSocial.Media’s top-tier plans also experienced dramatic results from InsuranceSocial.Media email campaigns. These campaigns help subscribers increase their social media followers. The email open rate averaged 42%, with a click rate of 27%.

“While averages are meaningful, they paint a picture in broad strokes,” says InsuranceSocial.Media CEO David Beall. “Consequently, individual subscriber’s experiences gain even more importance.”

“For instance, our top log in to our system and utilize every aspect of their admin panel. They view their scheduled posts. They review the analytics we provide. We’re pleased to see them jumping into the conversation, too. They are posting photos of their staff, happy customers, and the farmers markets and sports teams they sponsor,” he adds.

Most Noteworthy Social Media Success Stories

* One Midwestern insurance agency that experienced a 34% increase in followers after subscribing to InsuranceSocial.Media has also experienced a 260% increase in Facebook page views in the most recent 30-day period over the previous 30-day period.
* A family-run insurance agency that experienced a 17% increase in Facebook followers after subscribing to InsuranceSocial.Media has also experienced a 1300% (that’s not a typo!) increase in page views. Especially relevant is their 18% increase in follower engagement.
* A mutual insurance company that had 29 Facebook followers before subscribing to InsuranceSocial.Media has experienced a 741% (that’s not a typo, either!) growth in followers. This company now regularly posts community-oriented content on their social media platforms.

“We know busy insurance agents don’t have time to take on another marketing task. That’s why we created this software in the first place,” says Beall.

“Our subscribers’ success proves our software is a desperately needed solution to a tough problem. We’re excited to see what results the next quarter brings!”


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