DES MOINES, Ia. (September 1, 2017) – InsuranceSocial.Media announces the launch of its unique QuickStart Program for insurance carriers. The program will help them quickly onboard pilot groups of agents and benefit from InsuranceSocial.Media’s powerful software.

“From day one, insurance carriers of all sizes have enthusiastically supported our concept and our product,” said InsuranceSocial.Media CEO David Beall.

“Insurance companies know consumers have migrated to a self-directed purchasing journey that relies heavily on service providers’ digital presence. Especially relevant is social media. And they also know that insurance agents and brokers lag in adoption of social media marketing.”

As a result of all InsuranceSocial.Media has learned from its carrier partners across the country who have implemented its software, the tech company has now streamlined processes to provide a quick and easy solution for small- and mid-sized carriers.

The QuickStart Program

Consequently, InsuranceSocial.Media designed the QuickStart Program. It is especially for small- to mid-sized insurance carriers who may have limited social media marketing experience or resources. Yet they want their agents–and the company itself–to benefit from social media marketing.

“We developed this program through input from our many carrier supporters,” said Beall. “It will allow smaller carriers to increase their company’s and their agents’ engagement with the overwhelming number of consumers who are now on a digital journey.

“For a small partnership fee and a group of just 25 agents, our QuickStart program can deliver huge results. Furthermore, participating carriers can easily and simply share the InsuranceSocial.Media opportunity with their agents through our fully-developed communications plan. It’s an easy pathway for those individuals–as well as the company itself–to the benefits of social media outreach.”

InsuranceSocial.Media will provide the carrier communications spotlighting the results of the 6-month program. In turn, the carrier can share these results with the rest of its agent pool. Consequently, more agents will take advantage of InsuranceSocial.Media’s customized, automated social media posting software, its automated referral generation function, its comprehensive analytics and reporting, and its many other services and capabilities.

“We are eager to reach out to the carriers who may have thought such a software solution was out of their reach,” said Beall. “Our QuickStart Program will save carriers time, make them and their agents more money, and increase carrier brand reach and recognition.”


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