Des Moines, IA, May 19, 2017—Next week InsuranceSocial.Media will exhibit, and CEO David Beall will present, at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Insurance Summit in Kansas City, Mo.

Now in its second year, the conference will focus on innovation and insurtech topics.

“As we’ve been building relationships with insurance carriers, agents, and brokers, we’ve also been able to build strong relationships with some insurance commissioners,” says Beall.

“The summit will bring all those groups together in one conference focused on how innovation can help strengthen our industry now, and move it into the future. We are excited to be a part of it!”

Beall presents May 24 on “Today’s Engagement for Tomorrow’s Insurer.” He will address the disconnect between the consumer’s digital journey and the insurance industry’s legacy systems–and provide some thought-provoking ideas about how to bridge that gap.

“Nearly 70% of the consumer’s journey is conducted digitally, and a minimum of half that journey might take place before reaching out to sales,” Beall points out. “And although there are a number of ways the industry could reach out to those consumers, it has proven challenging for carriers as well as agents to make the necessary shifts to accomplish that goal. We’re excited to share what we’re doing to help bridge that gap.”

The NAIC Summit takes place May 22-26 in Kansas City, Mo.


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