DES MOINES, Ia. (July 21, 2017) – InsuranceSocial.Media’s software is experiencing success with an unexpected customer base: mutual insurance companies.

“Since our first carrier partnership was with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, it was only natural that we would forget relationships with more mutuals,” explained InsuranceSocial.Media CEO David Beall.

“Grinnell Mutual believed our software could be a big benefit to the mutuals they reinsure, as well as to agencies and brokerages large and small. And so a significant number of small, rural mutuals participated in our Grinnell Mutual pilot.”

Now, if a mutual insurance company is too small to work with InsuranceSocial.Media as a partner, as some rural mutuals are, it can still benefit from InsuranceSocial.Media by becoming a subscriber, just like all the agents using the ISM software.

Mutual insurance company subscribers
* have experienced an average follower growth of 16% over the past six months.
* have experienced an increase in Facebook reach of 27% over the past six months.
* describe social media as an integral part of their marketing efforts.

“This is remarkable, considering that 40% of these mutuals had no social media presence prior to subscribing to our software,” said Beall. “And the overwhelming majority of the remaining 60% had not posted regularly on their social media platforms for the 12 months preceding the start of their InsuranceSocial.Media subscription.

The median age of a mutual insurance company is 120. Though many may be smaller insurance companies, they are mature organizations with rich history and traditions. And they, like other mature insurance organizations, may not believe that social media marketing is a good fit for them.

Yet InsuranceSocial.Media has found that many of its standout subscriber success stories hail from small, rural mutual insurance companies.

Exemplary Social Media Marketing at Mutual Insurance Companies

* InsuranceSocial.Media created a brand-new Facebook page for Iowa River Mutual. With tips and suggestions from InsuranceSocial.Media, the company grew its Facebook following from 0 to 94 within 30 days. (It now has a triple-digit following). In its most recent Activity Summary, Iowa River experienced a 1300% increase in page views. Additionally, it experienced a 333% increase in reach and a 1400% increase ini engagement.

* Ferdinand Farmers Insurance Company has experienced a 47% increase in Facebook followers since subscribing to InsuranceSocial.Media. The company has become more involved in social media outreach, paying to boost a half dozen InsuranceSocial.Media posts to reach an even wider audience.

* Heartland Mutual has experienced a 741% increase in Facebook followers since subscribing to InsuranceSocial.Media. Furthermore, its social media marketing success has sparked new efforts. Heartland Mutual has launched an Instagram account and posted video via Facebook Live.

“We designed our software so our subscribers could confidently ‘set it and forget it.’ After all, saving them time was one of our primary goals,” said Beall.

“But we are always thrilled to see our subscribers inspired by their social media success. As a result, they become more active in outreach to their followers. Our mutual insurance company subscribers provide our product with tremendous validation. We are so proud to be working with them!”


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