Social Media is where customers and prospects are, 24-7.

It’s much more powerful than traditional advertising. Because it helps you build and strengthen relationships with growing numbers of friends, followers, customers and prospects.

It drives insurance buying decisions.

According to research by Accenture, 48% of consumers consider social media comments before making an insurance buying decision.

It gives you a huge advantage in your local market.

Since only one in four agents has a Facebook page, your strong social media presence will give you an instant leg up on the competition.

It generates more leads and referrals.

Accenture research confirms that a positive social care experience makes consumers three-times more likely to recommend you to others.

It facilitates highly effective targeted marketing.

Reach the perfect audience for your top products. With just three clicks, your targeted social marketing ad is up and running.

It can be easy and inexpensive.

When we do it for you. With personalized content and agent-focused support. Plans start at around a dollar a day, with many carriers offering co-op reimbursement.

Effective social media differentiates you in your market. And it’s proven to drive growing leads, sales and referrals.

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